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Exotic and Unique From Western Culture: Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring probably gives the most gentle glow (with the right finish) of any of the hard wood floors. There are four types of bamboo flooring: natural, carbonized, vertical and horizontal graining. While tougher than oak and maple flooring, bamboo flooring has more elasticity than oak, beech or other hard woods.

Made from bamboo stalks, bamboo flooring is quite affordable and eco-friendly. Bamboo is able to reach full maturity in 5-6 years with an average height of 80 feet. Bamboo is considered a renewable and sustainable resource because it is a harvested grass that continually regenerates. To make bamboo flooring, the hollow round shoots are sliced into strips and boiled to remove starch. The bamboo floor strips are then dried and laminated into solid boards and milled into standard plank bamboo flooring profiles.

How do you take care of your precious bamboo floor? After the bamboo flooring has been installed, use a no-wax cleaner and never mop with water or water mixed with another chemical. Your new bamboo floors will surely dull or become damaged if you do. Remove your shoes (especially cleats or high heeled shoes) before walking on bamboo flooring. If high heat in your home is a factor, use a humidifier on your bamboo floor to prevent shrinkage. Dragging furniture across a bamboo floor can leave extensive scarring. Use furniture protective pads on your furniture legs.

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